Hail Damage? How To Tell If You Need a New Roof After a Hailstorm

It’s no secret that hail and hailstorms can cause significant damage to the roof on your home or business.

State Farm, Georgia’s largest insurer, announced that in 2015 it paid out over $2 billion nationwide due to losses from hail damage.

-Georgia had the 7th highest number of homeowners hail claims with over 5,000.
-The average homeowners claim nationally as a result of hail damage was $11,250 (based on State Farm claims).
-Georgia had an additional ~1,300 auto claims from hail.

“Tornadoes and hurricanes are often thought of as the expensive weather events, but hail is right up there and often more expensive due to the sheer volume and cost of the claims” said State Farm Spokesman Justin Tomczak.

Hail causes serious property damage all over Georgia.

But how does one know if they need a NEW roof due to the damage from hail?

In many cases, a hailstorm is not a cause for an immediate roof replacement, but the only way to know for sure is to have your roof inspected.

The severity of the hail damage plus the overall condition and age of your roof will be big factors in deciding whether you need a new roof or not.

Hail damage to your roof cannot be seen from the ground. Many times, the damage to your shingles and roof system from hail can only be truly seen by a trained professional.

A professional and reputable roofing contractor will walk your roof and examine closely for hail damage or other issues and then will work with your homeowners insurance for you.

Can I Check My Roof Myself for Hail Damage?

Yes, you can, but please be careful and be sure you know what you are looking for. Also keep in mind that hail tends to hit a roof at an angle, so while one part of your roof might look fine, another area could be severely damaged.

What Are Signs of Hail Damage to a Roof?

– Bruises or small dents in the asphalt shingle
– Granulation is displaced exposing the asphalt
– Granulation has settled at the base of your downspouts
– The spots hit by hail usually leave a soft spot in the shingle
– Significantly damaged metal air vents on the roof indicate similar hit pattern for roof
– Damage and denting of siding, or gutters

If I see Water/Leaks Inside My Home After a Hailstorm, Do I Need a New Roof?

By the time you see water leaking inside your home, you can be sure you at least need significant roof repairs – perhaps even a new roof.

Roof damage does not always cause immediate leaks, and all too often, hail damage is not discovered until after leaking or other serious damage occurs inside your home. As damaged shingles degrade, your roof may begin to leak, so inspect your interior ceiling after a heavy rain for any apparent water damage. Water staining anywhere on the ceiling is a good sign of roof damage.

If You See Water Leaking INSIDE Your Home After a Storm, you NEED roof work done ASAP

Will My Homeowners Insurance Pay for a New Roof?

Whether your homeowners insurance will cover the cost of a new roof varies from company to company and from policy to policy. An expert Insurance Claim Roofing Contractor (like Drake Exteriors) will be able to help you figure all that out and will work with your insurance company.

It’s a really good idea to get a licensed local roofing company to inspect your roof BEFORE you call your insurance company. That way, you know what you’re dealing with AND have a professional there to help you with your claim.

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